The resistance of a given object to moisture and the strength of the entire structure largely depend on how well the insulation of the basement or garage is made. If the garage is situated below ground level, it may be useful to insulate the garage ceiling. It is worth remembering that it is a place exposed to water penetration. Such a state of affairs may translate into damage to the concrete over time, weakening the structure of the building.

In the case of underground car parks, the insulation of the ceiling of the underground garage is an absolute must. On many occasions, spaces of said type are characterized by a large area. Therefore, it is so important to protect structural elements from moisture, especially those made out of reinforced concrete.

In the case of garages and basements, both floor and wall insulation should be made in a professional and thoughtful way. By opting for the injection technology and coating insulation based on Water Block Duo Flex, it is possible to protect the walls and insulate the area for good.

When it comes to garages being one of the rooms of family or terraced houses, thermal garage insulation is vital. It makes it possible to generate savings during the heating period. Even though such spaces are usually separated from the rest of the house by means of doors, the lack of proper insulation in the garage can translate into lower temperatures in other rooms. Garage floor insulation may also turn out to be helpful. It will protect the floor from the excess of moisture.

Required materials:

  • WB Duo Flex waterproofing 10 kg or 20 kg
  • WB Tape Pro sealing tape
  • WB Primer

Material usage:

  • WB Duo Flex 20 kg waterproofing – sufficient for 13 to 15 m2
  • Waterproofing WB Duo Flex 10 kg – sufficient for 6.5 to 7.5 m2

Insulation method:

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