Foundation insulation is a must nowadays. It should be done in every type of architectural object built in a traditional way, characterized by walls erected on previously poured foundations. Foundation insulation ensures the proper protection of concrete elements that, due to their location in the ground, are exposed to water penetration.

Foundation waterproofing requires the use of the highest quality materials. Any weakness in the structure of the foundation can lead to the appearance of cracks on the walls.

How to make a solid foundation insulation? What to do if the contractor has not done it during the construction of the house?

There are several options that can be opted for in the discussed scenario. Each of them requires a lot of work to be performed and care to be taken. WB Duo Flex is a material mainly intended for this type of undertakings. Its high flexibility makes it much more effective and durable than the adhesive and bitumen-based materials available on the market. Thanks to that, it is also possible to insulate the foundations of an old house with it.

To do this, one has to follow certain rules.

How to insulate a foundation step by step? The most important thing is to clean the surface and apply a leveling layer of a joint between the hollow bricks, as well as to gaps and cavities in the concrete. An even surface makes it possible to apply the insulation precisely, without the risk of omitting certain spots where leakage may occur later. It is highly recommended to use the WB Flex glue for this purpose. After the glue dries, one should apply the first layer of the WB Duo Flex material. When it sets, the WB Tape Pro tape should be applied to the corners, passages, and connections between the window frame and the wall. After sticking the WB TAPE PRO, it is possible to apply the second layer of WB Duo Flex insulation. It should be remembered that the insulation of the foundation must be made of an XPS type material, which does not absorb moisture due to its structure and thus maintains its thermal parameters.

Proper sequence of insulation-related works:

  • cleaning and aligning the wall with WB Flex adhesive glue,

  • applying the first layer of WB Duo Flex

  • applying the WB Tape Pro tape

  • applying the second layer of WB Duo Flex

Required materials:

  • WB Duo Flex waterproofing – 10 kg or 20 kg

  • WB Tape Pro sealing tape

  • WB Primer

Material usage:

  • WB Duo Flex 20 kg waterproofing – sufficient for 13 to 15 m2

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