WB Dilatation – permanently elastic one-component mass to be used to fill in expansion joints in the case of WATER BLOCK terrace and balcony systems, binding after being affected by moisture. The product acts both as a sealant and as a strong adhesive. It is characterized by an excellent adhesion to all types of materials, including cement, bricks, ceramics, glass, wood, sheet metal, MDF and HDF boards, as well as various plastics. It does not attract dirt and is paintable. After application, it permanently settles in cracks. It should be applied to previously cleaned surfaces only. Do not use on frozen or wet surfaces.


WB Dilatation is:

Application :
  • filling in expansion joints in the case industrial floors.
  • structural connections.
  • sealing and gluing metal structures and welded joints.
  • filling gaps between most construction-specific materials.
Capacity: 600 ml

Pojemność: 600 ml



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Weight 0,6 kg

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Water Block to produkty klasy premium przeznaczone dla klientów ceniących rozwiązania na lata. Długoletnia współpraca technologów z Polski i Szwajcarii pozwoliła na stworzenie kompletnych rozwiązań systemowych dla takich elementów konstrukcyjnych budynku jak balkony, tarasy, dachy oraz fundamenty. Water Block z powodzeniem stosowany jest wszędzie tam, gdzie ważne są takie parametry, jak duża elastyczność, odporność na niskie temperatury, czy wytrzymałość na parcie wody.

Water Block are premium class products designed for customers who value solutions for years. Long-term cooperation of technologists from Poland and Switzerland has allowed us to create complete system solutions for such structural elements of the building as balconies, terraces, roofs and foundations. Water Block is successfully used wherever parameters such as high flexibility, resistance to low temperatures or resistance to water pressure are important.

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