When making the correct balcony insulation, we must pay special attention to the corner elements. WB TAPE gives us the opportunity to make corners without having to invest in ready finishing elements. In the pictures, an example of the correct assembly of the WB TAPE tape. Remember that it is best to paste the tape on the first layer of waterproofing. In this case, WB DUO FLEX was used as the first layer, and after pasting the tapes, the final WB 2K layer will be applied.







One of the most sensitive places where leakage occurs is the window-wall contact. Due to the continuous vibrations and movements of these elements in relation to each other, it is important that the seal is made using the appropriate technology. WB TAPE butyl tape is used for this type of solutions. After gluing it to the window frame, the vulcanization process takes place with the ground, thanks to which you receive a tight and solid connection with the window frame. After gluing, apply the Water Block Duo Flex highly elastic insulation both to the tape itself and to the wall and balcony slab elements. In this way, we have made a solid first layer of waterproof insulation, which will then be placed next layers of the WATER BLOCK balcony system.


How to deal with the pressure of negative water:

A typical case of negative water pressure is when the water passes through basement walls or foundations from the ground, and waterproofing is inside the room. In general, the water pressure from the negative side means that the waterproofing layer is applied on the side of the construction element located on the opposite side of the direct action of the water. Protection against the negative pressure of water is more complicated than protection from the action of positive water, because in the case of a negative side it penetrates through the construction element as insulating material trying to relieve it from the ground.
In the pictures you have an example of the solution to the problem of negative water pressure in the windlasses, where water appeared. The material used WB 2K and WB Tape perfectly stopped water pressure and thus permanently solved the problem of water in elevator shafts.


Securing the deck construction slab together with the swivel to the vertical: WB Duo Flex

Waterproofing foundations: WB Duo Flex

What to do when the contractor forgot the insulation of the foundation when building a house ??? There are several options and each of them requires a lot of work and diligence. Water Block Duo Flex is a material mainly intended for this repair group. Its high elasticity makes it a material much more efficient and durable than commercially available materials based on binders and bitumen. To do this solidly, a few rules must be followed. The most important of them is cleaning the substrate and applying a leveling layer between the hollow bricks, and for this purpose it is best to use Water Block Flex Glue. After the adhesive dries, apply the first layer of Water Block Duo Flex material after binding the Water Block Tape Pro tape to the corners and the window frame to the wall. After the tapes are pasted, we can apply the second DuoFlex insulation value. Keep in mind that the foundation insulation must be made of XPS material, which thanks to its structure does not absorb moisture and thus maintains its thermal parameters.



All those who want to see how waterproof our Water Block Duo Flex is, we invite you to watch a short movie.



How to properly place WB Membrane ?? We present it in the pictures below. In this case, our contractors seal the terrace above the heated room. A dedicated waterproofing solution using WB Membrane is a place that is characterized by extremely high flexibility and therefore works perfectly with WB DuoFlex waterproofing material. It is in this material that we sink the membrane with a suitable plant around 7 to 10 cm. After gluing it to the substrate, the whole is drawn with Water Block Two-component Hydro-insulation. We can either lay tiles or install the finish on adjustable feet for the insulation we have made. We can also, after applying drainage layers, cover with stone or lay the grass from the roll.




WATER BLOCK DILATATION – dilatation is one of the more difficult elements in the construction of buildings that are easily leaky. It is in these places that the surfaces and structures of the building work the most because of which the material we fill in the gaps must demonstrate a high degree of flexibility and adhesion to the substrate. WB Dilatation is a permanently elastic single-component compound for dilatation bonding under the influence of moisture, which has excellent adhesion to all typical building materials. In the pictures we show how to fill the dilatation.



WB DILATATION works great when mounting balcony profiles, perfectly fills the space between the balcony profile and the tile. The material is resistant to dirt so we have an aesthetic finish of the balcony and terrace.






Talking with clients many times, we explain how important it is in the terrace and balcony systems to perform vertical insulation on the wall. This is a very important element of the entire system because it protects the building wall against so-called moisture capillary pull. And from this phenomenon there is already a very short way to the creation of harmful mushrooms in the premises. In the pictures we present to you the correctly made passage of horizontal insulation to the vertical using the insulating material WB Hot Mate. Such insulation is done in the undercutting of the facade to a height of about 0.6 – 0.7 m. and then the missing fragment of the wall insulation is completed, restoring it to the original structure.




WB Hot Mate: roof waterproofing

WB Hot Mate, arranged in two layers, gives over 1 cm of waterproofing, highly resistant to negative temperatures and UV radiation.


How to properly arrange gres on the balcony?

The two most important rules:

1) As little adhesive as possible (the glue can not be used as a material for profiling injections, its thickness should not exceed 5mm) It should be applied not only on the substrate but also on the tile in such a way as to fill the space under the tile in 100%. notched trowel will be a space for collecting water, which in dreamy will lead to dehiscence of the cladding)

2) Fugue with a minimum width of 5 mm – breathable (The appropriate width of the joint will allow faster evaporation of moisture from the adhesive and allow for free transfer of stresses, which arise both from the heating of the balcony and its cooling in the winter.)

It is worth remembering that the space between the pedestal and the tile was large enough to allow the balcony floor to work freely with respect to the wall. Therefore, it is important to leave a gap of about 5mm wide and fill it with a flexible polyurethane sealer, and not as often as a joint.

Below you can see the finale of works on the renovation of balconies at one of the housing estates in Konstancin. We used there a complete Water Block system with tile finishing. Thanks to this application of materials and careful execution, the client will be able to enjoy the sealed balcony for many years.





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Water Block to produkty klasy premium przeznaczone dla klientów ceniących rozwiązania na lata. Długoletnia współpraca technologów z Polski i Szwajcarii pozwoliła na stworzenie kompletnych rozwiązań systemowych dla takich elementów konstrukcyjnych budynku jak balkony, tarasy, dachy oraz fundamenty. Water Block z powodzeniem stosowany jest wszędzie tam, gdzie ważne są takie parametry, jak duża elastyczność, odporność na niskie temperatury, czy wytrzymałość na parcie wody.

Water Block are premium class products designed for customers who value solutions for years. Long-term cooperation of technologists from Poland and Switzerland has allowed us to create complete system solutions for such structural elements of the building as balconies, terraces, roofs and foundations. Water Block is successfully used wherever parameters such as high flexibility, resistance to low temperatures or resistance to water pressure are important.

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