A bathroom, frequently including a shower cabin, is one of the most important spaces in a house or a flat. The proper choice of finishing materials allows to create an elegant, functional, and comfortable room. Tiles of all kinds are very popular when it comes to its finishing. Nevertheless, aside from said materials, it is vital to use a proper waterproofing. A bathroom is a room where large amounts of water and moisture accumulate. The insulation of bathroom floor allows to protect structural elements that are made, among others, of concrete. Due to the nature of the space in question, insulation should not be neglected or marginalized.

Shower Insulation is one of the basic tasks that have to be performed. This applies primarily to rooms in which there is no shower tray. The shower cabin is then set directly on the floor. It is a modern and elegant way to introduce an aesthetic solution to bathrooms. In its case, it is required to use a slope that will allow water to be removed into the drain. Insulation of a shower without a tray will allow a home owner for a proper protection of individual elements, including the concrete surface, which is located under the tiles.

It should not be forgotten, however that the insulation of the shower tray must be performed in the right manner. One should keep in mind that some water may accumulate on the floor around the shower tray. The lack of proper insulation will cause the gradual deterioration of the floor condition.

Waterproofing in bathrooms must also be done while taking into account the corners. Wall insulation is also very important. If it is neglected, plastering may start to peel off and even harmful fungi may start developing.

związania do łazienek. W tym przypadku należy zastosować przede wszystkim spad, który umożliwi odprowadzanie wody do kratki ściekowej. Izolacja prysznica bez brodzika pozwoli natomiast na odpowiednią ochronę poszczególnych elementów, w tym betonowej powierzchni, która znajduje się pod płytkami.

Także izolacja brodzika prysznicowego musi być wykonana w odpowiedni sposób. Pewna ilość wody może zbierać się na posadzce wokół brodzika. Brak odpowiedniej izolacji wpływa na stopniowe pogorszenie kondycji posadzki.

Izolacja przeciwwodna w łazienkach musi uwzględniać także miejsca narożne. Bardzo istotna jest także izolacja samych ścian. W innym przypadku, wraz z użytkowaniem łazienki, może pojawić się odpadający tynk, a nawet szkodliwe dla zdrowia grzyby.

Proper insulation – less frequent repairs

Proper waterproofing reduces the necessity of introducing bathroom renovations due to occurring defects. Moisture insulation in bathrooms allows to reduce stains and avoid conditions that may be conducive to the development of fungi and mold.

How to properly insulate a shower cabin?

  • Carefully prepare the surface: level it, remove dirt, and prime it with WB PRIMER.

  • Apply WB TAPE PRO sealing tape to all corners and joints with the linear drain.

  • Use the tape to seal hydraulic passages and plasterboard joints

  • Mix WB DUO FLEX thoroughly and apply the first layer (about 1-2mm) with a brush or a trowel

  • Embed the WB MEMBRANE insulation mat in the WB DUO FLEX insulation on a horizontal surface.

  • After the first layer dries, apply the second layer of WB DUO FLEX.

  • After about 24 hours, the waterproofing can be covered with tiles

Required materials:

  • WB Primer
  • WB Tape Pro
  • WB Membrane
  • WB Duo Flex
  • WB Flex Glue

Expected usage of materials:

Hydroizolacja WB Duo Flex 10 kg – wystarcza na około : 6,5 do 7,5 m2


If you are not sure how much material you may need to insulate your bathroom, you can always ask our professional support. Just contact our technical team via phone or e-mail.


Method of waterproofing the shower:

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