Due to the specificity of our climate, which is characterized by a clear division into seasons, open-air swimming pools are rather rare. It has to be stated that indoor swimming pools are much more popular. Nevertheless, regardless of its type, the insulation of the pool plays an important role when it comes to object finishing. By using traditional technology, which is based on the utilization of reinforced concrete as the material being the basis for the pool, any shape and size of such a structure can be obtained. At the same time, the base and walls of the pool can be easily finished with glaze. Pool waterproofing can prove to be very helpful when it comes to regular maintenance. It should be remembered that the water in the pool should have a certain temperature. It is also important to note that the insulation of a given swimming pool allows for an adequate protection of the structure.

Despite the use of a professional glaze, water can sometimes penetrate into the concrete layer. It may become weaker as a result. What is more, there is the possibility of corrosion of reinforcements used as a part of reinforced concrete. Therefore, one of the best solutions possible is the proper waterproofing of swimming pools, based on WB Duo Flex waterproofing, WB Membrane, and WB 2K sealing mats.

Aside from sealing the entire surface, it is necessary to carefully seal all details, such as joints between various elements, corners, and expansion joints. It can be done with the WB Tape Pro sealing and reinforcing tape. Pool waterproofing is a guarantee that the object in question will not only be durable, but also – resistant to water.

In order to properly attach tiles in the case of under-tile waterproofing systems, one should opt for dedicated, highly flexible adhesive mortars, such as WB Flex glue. The joint, which must be resistant to continuous water exposure, is also very important when it comes to the discussed system. The WB Fuga Flex product is properly adjusted to the nature of such spaces. It is also suitable as the insulation for industrial tanks.

Insulation of a concrete swimming pool requires works to be carried out in the right order. One also has to ensure that all elements are properly secured. Only then can an very effective and airtight system be made.


Advantages of the system:

remarkable insulation adhesion to concrete surfaces and surfaces alike. Waterproofing based on the use WB MEMBRANE creates a highly flexible insulating layer. It is also resistant to pool water and cleaning agents, as well as maintains constant technical parameters for many consecutive years. It can be used for the insulation of various expansion tanks.

The use of the WB Membrane together with a proper waterproofing is a long-term guarantee of tightness. The membrane strengthens the surface and improves its tightness in places characterized by high water pressure. The WB membrane has the hydrostatic pressure resistance of 0.5 MPa, temperature resistance from -30 °C to + 90 °C, and high tensile strength of 13 MPa. It can withstand water pressure of up to 50 meters per 1 square centimeter. It is also a great insulation when it comes to garden pools.


How to properly insulate a swimming pool:

  • Preparation of the pool basin by leveling the base and removing dirt.

  • Concrete must first be primed with WB PRIMER. Priming it will not only strengthen the surface, but also – improve the adhesion of the waterproofing layer.

  • Securing all corners, cracks and grooves with WB TAPE PRO tape.

  • Applying the first layer of WB DUO FLEX waterproofing (approximately 2 mm), to which the WB Membrane should be immediately applied (see: guidance section)

  • Keeping membrane overlap at approximately 10 cm

  • After applying the WB MEMBRANE to the entire surface – the application of the WB 2K layer.

  • Applying the finishing layer of tiles on the waterproofing. Please note: use the right glue and grout for said purpose. WB FLEX GLUE and WB FUGE FLEX are designed for such demanding projects.

Materials required for insulation:

  • WB Primer

  • WB Duo Flex waterproofing

  • WB Membrane

  • WB Tape Pro

  • WB 2K


Materials required to finish the pool:

  • WB Flex glue
  • WB Fuga Flex
  • WB Dilatation

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