The application of a waterproofing layer in a tank creates a durable, solid, flexible, seamless, and predominantly – waterproof coating. Concrete tank insulation not only protects the container in question against water and moisture, but also makes it possible to keep it clean in the case of storing drinking water in it. The product is certified, so it can have a constant contact with drinking water. The use of WB 2K is an optimal solution for sealing external open tanks and closed ones stored inside of various buildings. It also works well as an industrial tank insulation material. It is characterized by a remarkable resistance to moisture and external weather conditions.


Advantages of water tank waterproofing:

  • ecological, hygienically certified waterproof coating,

  • waterproof nature and resistance against water and snow,

  • seamless surface,

  • high flexibility – a remarkable advantage when it comes to very large tanks and tanks exposed to varying weather conditions,

  • mechanical resistance.


Materials needed for water tank insulation:

    • WB 2K waterproofing

    • WB Tape Pro sealing tape

    • WB Primer

If the tank is not made out of class W8 concrete or is made out of concrete blocks, it is necessary to insulate it with WB Membrane.

Usage of materials in the case of tank insulation:

  • WB 2k waterproofing – sufficient for 10 to 12 m2

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